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What kind of motor is a good motor?


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What kind of motor is a good motor?

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What kind of motor is best? Who is good for a motor and another motor? Am I using A motor or B motor? Which motor is more energy efficient?

This is one of the most common problems. The production of the motor includes these physical parts: magnetic steel, iron core, coil, frame, Holzer, insulating paint, phase line, and analysis one by one.

Magnetic steel has five indexes: label, height, thickness, width and quantity. Label is representative of unit volume magnetic flux of the reflection, that is, the level of magnetic steel, naked eyes can not see, can only listen to manufacturers flicker. The height, thickness, width and number, of course the higher thickness is more wide, the greater the volume of the magnet, motor factory, the cost is high, the user is concerned, the greater the power, of course, also means that the power consumption will be bigger. In line with the manufacturers cost is higher, the greater the interests of users of the principle, to meet its own use of force under the premise of high * thickness * width * number, the bigger the better, but in general, the user is concerned, the thickness, width and number cannot be determined, we only know that motor 30, 40 or higher the 45 is high.

Iron core, of course, imported good, foreign moon than China's circle, the naked eye can not see, and now can only think so.

Coil, purity of copper (or copper brass, copper clad aluminum, as long as not) turns, thickness, tankful rate, are the following parameters.

Frame, once identified, as long as the number and size of the space involved in the upper limit of the class index will be fixed, but we still have no choice of users, manufacturers are the same.
Holzer, electronic components, a can only use money to distinguish between good and bad Dongdong, the current Honeywell brand on the market is better.
Insulating paint, the state has given five labels, requiring higher temperature, good.
Phase line, the more thick the better, the general 1 square (excluding rubber oh), can meet the 10A limit flow, for example, your limit flow is 20A, the line will be more than 2 square meters.
Power - one of the indicators of the motor, for example, your original motor is 48V500W, the speed is 36 km / h, and then you exceed the pressure to 72V, you will find that the speed can reach 54 km / h. The result is more accurate by dividing the speed of the motor by the voltage. For example, you are now running at 45 km / h, and if your voltage is 72V, your motor will have a speed of 0.625 volts per volt. Another motor speed is 40 km / h, but the voltage is 48V, the voltage of each volt speed is 0.83333, which is faster, a comparison comes out.

Efficiency (saving) - electric motor then matter, we use the general motors, the efficiency is about 82%, if it is a regular product, the difference is only about 2%, you said your motor is very good, the use of HTS technology and the most advanced technology, most will add 3 percentage points, but feel the difference should not be too obvious.

That's why a lot of people are responding to a motor phone (power saving Edition), and there's no apparent reason for saving electricity. Of course, some people say he feels really power saving, then he's either a real child care or the original motor is too garbage.

But you will also feel that some motors are indeed relatively power consumption, which is very good to understand, ah, increasing the efficiency of 1% are difficult, but the downward space is vast, it is easy to build an efficiency of only 50% of the motor.

The best efficiency point -- the key of over pressure

As we mentioned above, efficiency is an indicator that the space below is wide but the ceiling is almost sealed. Is it entirely unnecessary to consider the efficiency index of the motor? The answer will never surprise everyone.

We should also concern ourselves with another important indicator, the best efficiency point
The best efficiency point is the point of the best efficiency. For example, when a manufacturer says the best efficiency of his motor is 93%, you ask him, "what's the efficiency of this 93%?"" If he says, "when the motor 48V power is about 100W."." You just fainted, because you wouldn't keep the power of 100W at all. That's too slow. Of course, the manufacturer wants to flicker you, certainly won't speak honestly, or he doesn't know at all.

In the motor industry, the best efficiency point refers to the power, the best efficiency point at rated voltage and rated power range for example, a 48V1000W motor, power 48V dynamometer, dynamometer diagram, you can see in the 1000W around the lines, if you see a maximum efficiency value 82.5%, while the corresponding power is 960W, and the efficiency of the corresponding 1000W power point value is only 81%, which shows the best efficiency point of the motor is 960W.

Of course, the general regular factory, the best efficiency point in rated power, less than 5%, but some plants will not necessarily, the highest efficiency value is 83%, the 83% is good, but in the 48V500W power point, he said that the motor is 72V1500W, we bought back on their 72V, the efficiency of 1500W at the point of only 65%.

That's what we're talking about. That's what it's all about, and we'll have a simple way of knowing what our motors are going to be like.

First of all, you need to determine your application requirements, this is definitely not the sooner the better, if you want the motor can Pobai under a 72V, you do not consider the quality of the motor, because can not guarantee the safety and quality.

For normal use, when the speed is more than 50 yards, it has entered an unsafe area.
I give you a simple power and speed comparison table:
Power, speed (code)
350W 35 500W 40
800W 45 1000W 50
1200W 53 1500W 55
2000W 60 3000W 65
4000W 75 5500W 85
7000W 90 8500W 95
10000W 100 12000W 110
15000W 120


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