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ML Series Aluminum Housing Motor

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ML series aluminium housing single-phase dual-capacitor asynchronous motors, with latest design in entirety, are made of selected quality materials and conformed to IEC

standard.ML motors have good performance, safety and reliable operation, nice appearance, and can be maintained very conveniently, while with low noise, little vibration and

at the same time light weight and simple construction

The competitive performance is good, the multiple of starting torque is1.8-2.5

These series motors are suitable for the occasion requiring big starting torque and high over load, such as air-compressors, pumps, fans, medical apparatus and instruments

and many other small machines.


Ambient temperature:-15℃ ≤0≤40℃

Altitude: Not exceeding 1000meters

Rated voltage: 11OV/220V15%

Rated frequency: 50Hz /60

Duty: S1

Insulation class: Class F

Protection class: IP54

Cooling method: IC 411


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